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Madison is known for its top-notch university, its handsome state capitol and its beautiful setting in the middle of four lakes. But as Don Sanford explains in this audio postcard, it’s also called “the iceboat capital of the universe” during the winter months when you might hear these cold season sail boats glide on frozen lakes at up to 70 miles-an-hour.

Produced for a spring 2016 class taught by Pat Hastings. SoundCloud photo by Gretchen Dorian via iceboat.org.

The construction trade is still a profession dominated by men, but Madison College’s construction and remodeling program is working to change that. Three of their four instructors are women, including Allie Berenyi. Listen to this sound portrait to hear how Allie discovered that carpentry was her true calling…after she first collected a chemistry degree from MIT.

Produced in spring 2016 as a class project, this podcast aired on WPR’s Wisconsin Life in December 2016. SoundCloud photo by Martin Brochhaus via Flickr/Creative Commons.

Madisonians love their lakes no matter what season it is—and everyone in town knows that winter hasn’t quite arrived until the lakes are dotted with ice fishing shacks. If you’ve never pulled a fish out of a hole in the ice yourself and perhaps don’t even know what a power ogre is, Kent Holmquist will fill you in on all the fun and is happy to share a tip or two for staying warm as well.

Produced in spring 2016. SoundCloud photo by Jack Heddon via Flickr/Creative Commons.

Header photo credit: Andreas Levers via Flickr/Creative Commons.