• Video and Multimedia

I co-produced a short video for the November 2015 digital edition of Madison Magazine in a journalism class taught by Sue Robinson. It describes Mad Urban Bees, an urban beekeeping business owned by Nathan Clarke, who was one of Madison Magazine’s 2015 M-List awardees for Social Innovation.

I also co-produced a video about adventure racing, a unique sport that engages both mind and body. Racers use a map and compass to find their way to checkpoints on an outdoor course designed by the organizers. Along the course, they switch between running, biking, and canoeing.

Camaraderie and teamwork are a big part of the sport. Race organizers like Wisconsinites Paula Waite and Tim Buchholz, featured in the video, try to strike a balance between growing the sport by attracting newcomers while keeping the community small enough that adventure racing won’t turn into a game of “follow the leader.”

The StoryMap (below the video) illustrates the Milwaukee Area Fall Frenzy (MAFF), an adventure race that was organized by MBM Sporting and took place near Delafield, Wis., in November 2015. On iOS devices, please click here for a full-screen version of the StoryMap.

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To accompany my feature story in Curb magazine, I created a StoryMap of the monarch butterfly’s annual migration from North America to central Mexico. On iOS devices, click here for a full-screen version of the StoryMap.

As part of a multimedia storytelling project, I produced an infographic about U.S. cities that have successfully increased the percentage of children walking or biking to school, with support from the Safe Routes to School program.

Thirty years ago, 66% of American children walked or biked to school, but only 13% do so today. The LIFE (Lifestyle Initiative for Fitness Empowerment) Foundation, a nonprofit organization in Cross Plains, Wis., is working to promote this and other healthy physical activities in the community.

The complete multimedia project can be viewed here. Note: The link may not work on Internet Explorer, but should be fine on Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Header photo credit: Matt Chan via Flickr/Creative Commons